GENERAL Investigations

"With information on time,
you will always be one step ahead of the others..."
Detectiv Art Agency

The Private Detective Agency offers you specialized support for:

rejoining or finding one's family;

retracing family tree;

investigations before and after marriage (honesty, addictions, hobbies, origin, past or ongoing relationships, entourage, unknown health problems, the existence of undeclared children);

identifying and finding assets hidden by one's life or couple partner;

obtaining evidence in cases of adultery or sexual harassment;

mortgage, cadastral and will investigations;

persons disappearances (abduction / deprivation of liberty);

evidence concerning blackmail;

evidence of minors' behavior and entourage;

investigations regarding some persons' morality and conduct;

verification of children's nurses (caretakers) before and after employment;

verification of personal background;


ECONOMIC Invesigations

" In business, information will always make the difference between earning and losing! "
Detectiv Art Agency

The private detective agency offers you specialized support for:

counter informative protection of trading companies;

investigations regarding unfair competition intentions;

specialty investigations for the human resource department;

trailing and investigations in order to detect and capture thefts of materials and other goods, or to prevent destructive actions;

site tracking the employees being aware or unaware ;

tracking and localization of bad payer customers and their owned property;

undercover customer (Mystery Shopping / undercover customer);

market analyses and various testing

competition monitoring (customers, advances and purchases, number of employees, equipment, competition issues, approximate sales);

ensuring information leakage protection within trading companies;

checking of business partners solvency;

consultancy and risk assessment for the start of business;

consultancy and risk assessment for the start of business;

obtaining evidence (counter-evidence) and necessary evidence in civil or criminal lawsuits;

verification of new employees, the CV data as well as their situation in their previous jobs;

verification of compliance and fulfillment of job duties;

obtaining useful information necessary in the negotiations.


MARITAL Investigation

" Not knowing who you sleep with it is better to find out who and where he sleeps... "
Detectiv Art Agency

marital problems requiring investigation?

why and how did betrayal occur?

emotional misunderstandings?

are there no feelings between us?

can I feel my partner's desire for an affair?

what reasons could he have to cheat on me?

do I feel that we no longer communicate as a couple?

when was the first time he cheated on me?

where is the romance of old times?

do we still feel any attraction for each other?

when he goes away on business... does he really go away on business?

why does he come home so late?

why do we fight so often?

why does he immediately delete phone messages?

why does not he respect me anymore?

does he ever think about my needs and desires?

what else connects us outside the family and the child?

Our detectives can give you professional answers to your questions regarding your marriage!

Do not close your eyes, find the solution to your problems with the help of our teams of private detectives!

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Detectiv Art agency offers free specialized assistance for every case!
Detectiv Art private investigations agency offers private detectives with experience in surveillance work. The management of the investigating agency has legal competence, and for economic investigations it is based on the experience gained in the activity and management of some companies.
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