About Detectiv Art

Detectives' investigating report:

Starting from the beneficiary's request, investigations and verifications have been performed concerning the International Agency of private detectives Detective Art. Following the research, it has been established that this private investigators agency is headquartered in Bucharest and operates legally under the following permits and approvals:

  • private detective certificate issued by the General Directorate of Bucharest Police;
  • operating license issued by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police
  • tax registration code issued by the Agency for Fiscal Administration.

Investigatii Economice

Why choose us?

The private investigations agency Detectiv Art consists of detectives with a long experience within the surveillance and investigations work. All the members of the detective agency, as well as their collaborators, are professionally certified and foreign languages speakers.

As far as the relation with the private detective agency is concerned,

discretion and total confidentiality

are guaranteed by closing a contract and the terms thereof.

Each client of this detective agency benefits from a correct approach to his problems. For this reason we only accept cases with maximum chances of solving, providing free specialized assistance to each case.

Technical equipment

In terms of equipment, the detective agency disposes of modern technology observing the legal parameters and its own cars. The agency is headquartered in Bucharest Romania, but the detective teams are willing to travel both within the country and abroad.
"The best example is to present the truth ..."
Detectiv Art Agency


The symbol the detective agency chose to use is the image of the "Danube falcon" (also known as sacred falcon) and we identify with it because of its qualities:

in diving it is the fastest creature in the world!

the most intelligent member of the "falco" family

it follows its target until exhaustion, it does not abandon it and it does not turn from hunter into prey.

Sincerely, respect and understanding. (Detectiv Art)
NOTE: At the end of each case solved the detective team will prepare an  investigating report to the clients in order to present the situation, as well as pertaining evidence. This is Detective Art work style!

Sincerely, respectfully and understandingly.

Detectiv Art.

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